Prevalence of addiction magnified as lockdown continues to impact upon mental health.

“Lockdown has been a downward spiral for many with drug supply lines operational, increased alcohol sales and people turning to unhealthy coping behaviours.”

(Twamley, 2020)

KCW London reports an increase of problematic mental health and addiction issues that have become more prevalent in the United Kingdom. They suggest that the increase directly correlates to the 2020 lockdown measures.

Inside Out supports these claims, having seen an increase of demand upon our service, coupled with broader service user demographics. KCW London shed light upon the issue, proposing that a continuation of drug and alcohol supply has been met with increased demand as people lean towards substance use as a coping strategy. 

Our partners at Green Pastures and Jubilee Church in Hull also confirm the same trend, with an increase of current service user needs being further compounded by a expanding service user demographic. Inside Out has, therefore, been tasked to deliver further training at Jubilee Church set to roll out in early October. The aim is to increase the number of trained volunteers supporting and offering relevant evidence based interventions.

Inside Out has so far been able to keep up with demand for our services, however we expect this trend to continue and therefore we are welcoming to enquiries about our training packages to help local organisations improve service delivery to this client group. Should you desire to find out more, why not ‘Contact Us’ with your enquiry and our team will be glad to offer support and advice.

Inside Out also welcomes donations to help us continue to offer excellent care to our service users; with the increase in demand for service provision we anticipate an increase in cost to continue to deliver care packages to those who require support.

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